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Many parents do not understand the importance of spending time and money to train their children to become safe and efficient drivers. Parents put more time and attention into training their children in extracurricular activities then they do into helping them develop the appropriate skills needed in order to be safe drivers. Parents may spend hundreds even thousands of dollars improving their child's skills in sports, music lessons and other extracurricular activities. It is important to research where and how you are spending your money when it comes to driving instructions.
Driving skills are important, and the stakes are simply too high to not taking driving training seriously. Parents should take the time out to research the best training programs available for their children. Road Rules Driving School provides the best hands on experience and training course a teen driver can receive. Parents should expect more from training programs and give the process more time and attention. Road Rules Driving School can provide all the necessary tools a teen driver will need in order to be successful and safe on the road.

16 Year Old Learner's Permit Program

Price - $330.00

All 16 year old students in the State of New Jersey who want to learn to drive must be registered with a State licensed and insured driving school. They must complete a six-hour behind-the-wheel driving course of instruction, in order to receive their permit to drive. Although the permit cannot be purchased before the actual day of their 16th birthday, we can complete the paper work and the scheduling can be arranged before the students 16th birthday. Our private lessons are usually given in two-hour blocks, but sometimes the student might prefer 2 three-hour lessons. The first lesson usually includes general driving skills; the second, special skills (parallel parking, K-turns, navigating circles, etc.); and the third, a review of the entire course. Each lesson is individual and based on the needs of the student, our instructors will design the lessons for that student.

2 hours Highway

Price $130.00

We are the only driving school that will schedule a 2 hour highway experience. Let's face it if your kid gets a license and has never been on the highway they are open for a rude awakening and a potential hazard. These are a problem no one wants.

Adittional Training Hours

Price - $65.00/Minimum 2 Hours

If you are not a U.S. citizen and have recently moved to New Jersey, you must have temporary visa status and fit into one of the following categories to apply for a New Jersey driver license

Adult Driving Lessons (17+)

Coming Soon

Never been behind the wheel? We’ll start from scratch and go at your pace till you become the best driver you can be…. Already driving? Show us what you can do. Then we’ll get to work filling in the gaps. From the nervous beginner to the experienced driver who wants to improve driving skills, Road Rules Driving School can provide the individualized instruction to fit your particular needs. We know that adults learn differently than teenagers. Road Rules Driving School has been the number one choice for adults who want to learn to drive. Our instructors are not only highly trained but extremely patient and understanding and we give special consideration to nervous adults. We can take you from the very beginning, starting with your written test until the day you take your road test and even take you to get your license.

Road Test Services

Price - $65 Per Hour

Review Lessons

Price - $65 Per Hour (2 Hours Minimum Requirement)

International Drivers Orientation

Price - $25.00

Haven't passed the written knowledge test? You do not have to wait to take the test in high school, take it with us and get your permit and driver instruction started sooner! You do not have to wait until the test is administered in high school driver education class. You can take the test with us any time following your 16th birthday! 2 Hours Minimum Requirement.