16 Year Old Learner's Permit Program

Price - $330.00

All 16 year old students in the State of New Jersey who want to learn to drive must be registered with a State licensed and insured driving school. They must complete a six-hour behind-the-wheel driving course of instruction, in order to receive their permit to drive. Although the permit cannot be purchased before the actual day of their 16th birthday, we can complete the paper work and the scheduling can be arranged before the students 16th birthday. Our private lessons are usually given in two-hour blocks, but sometimes the student might prefer 2 three-hour lessons. The first lesson usually includes general driving skills; the second, special skills (parallel parking, K-turns, navigating circles, etc.); and the third, a review of the entire course. Each lesson is individual and based on the needs of the student, our instructors will design the lessons for that student.